Check Engine Light in Bel Air MD

Check Engine Light in Bel Air MD

Your check engine light helps you know when it’s time to either get your engine serviced or take care of a minor issue. But it’s important to pay attention to this light as it can indicate if some major issues are occurring in your vehicle. Here are a few key steps you can take when your check engine light turns on.

Understand Why Your Check Engine Light Displays

There are many reasons to explain why your check engine light displays. Faulty oxygen sensors, worn spark plugs and improperly closed gas caps are common causes that set off your check engine light. The great news is that these issues are minor and often inexpensive to fix. But other major issues that may require immediate action or even a certified technician to fix can also explain why your check engine light displays, including mass airflow sensor failure, a vacuum leak, a failed catalytic converter or even an aftermarket alarm that keeps triggering the light.

Know What to Do

It’s important to know what the different check engine light means. For instance, a red check engine light or one that blinks repeatedly means your car needs immediate attention whereas a yellow light or a check engine light that stays highlighted means you should check your vehicle soon. Some cars also display the actual issue that is causing the check engine light to display on your dashboard. Just don’t ignore the problem. Get a check engine light reader, and always refer to the owner’s manual for specific instructions on what to do based on your vehicle should the check engine light come on.

Understand How to Fix It

When you fix the issue with the check engine light, the light often resets itself. For instance, your check engine light usually resets after you tighten or replace a loose gas cap and drive your car for a few trips. Your owners manual also shows you the sequence of buttons to press to reset the light. But if it shows again after you reset it, then it’s likely another it detected another issue.

Know Where to Go

If your check engine light comes on and it’s a serious matter that requires immediate attention, you should know where to go. It’s key to find a certified mechanic who has the experience and expertise to handle your vehicle’s engine. There are tons of options to choose from right in Bel Air MD, too.

Final Thoughts

Your check engine light displays when something triggers. It can be minor or major, so you don’t ignore it. Take these steps to investigate the issue, fix the problem and contact a mechanic when your car needs servicing you can’t safely perform.