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Maryland State Inspection from Harford County Transmissions and Automotive in Bel Air, MD

We are an authorized Maryland state inspection provider in Bel Air, MD

Welcome to Harford County Transmissions and Automotive — an authorized Maryland state inspection provider for vehicle owners near Bel Air, MD.

If you are getting ready to sell or purchase a used car near Bel Air, MD, the vehicle will likely be required to undergo a detailed safety inspection in compliance with state law. That means you must visit an authorized inspector before you or the new owner can legally drive the vehicle on the road.

There are over 1,500 authorized Maryland state inspection sites statewide, and if you’re looking for a local and efficient inspection service, you’ve come to the right place!

Our technicians are trained to inspect and certify that your vehicle meets the stringent requirements of a Maryland state inspection, so you can move along the registration process quickly and with confidence.

Here’s How It Works

There are three types of used vehicles that require a standard safety inspection:

  1. Passenger cars
  2. Light trucks and SUV’s that weigh less than 10,000 pounds
  3. Trailers that are less than 20 feet long

If you’re purchasing or selling one of these vehicles, an authorized Maryland state inspection site like Harford County Transmissions and Automotive will go through a 25-point process to ensure that the car is safe to operate. Without this type of inspection, the vehicle cannot be permanently registered in the state of Maryland.

But, don’t worry.

Inspections only take about an hour to complete for cars and SUVs, and once we’re done, you can rest assured that your vehicle is both safe to drive and ready to be registered in the state of Maryland.

When Do I Need a Maryland State Inspection?

If you’re getting ready to transfer ownership of a used vehicle, you’re going to need a safety inspection.

What does that mean for you?

Either the buyer or the seller can obtain an official inspection certificate, so there’s no restrictions on who can request service from our inspection site. This way, dealerships can expedite their sales process by having their inventory pre-certified, and private, one-on-one transactions can occur without a complex or tedious process.

How Long Does it Take?

Don’t trust a garage that claims an inspection will take longer than a day. They may not have an authorized inspection program, which means their report cannot be used to certify your vehicle.

Schedule a Maryland State Inspection

Are you about to buy or sell a used car? We’re here to help! Schedule a 25-point inspection with our state-authorized program in Bel Air, MD.


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