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Just what is a rear differential? This is one of those terms that you don’t hear every day, but the rear differential is very important to keeping your vehicle on the road. The differential is a component in all 4WD vehicles, and two wheel drive trucks and vans, and is designed to compensate for the difference in distance the inner wheels and outer wheels travel as the car goes around a corner.

Rear Differential Service

Changing the rear differential fluid is one of the most-overlooked maintenance tasks on 4 wheel drive light trucks, SUVs, and cars. Because the differential is at the rear and under the car, it doesn’t always get the attention the engine up front does. However, if lubrication in the rear differential fails, you won’t be getting very far for very long. Fortunately, the auto technicians at Harford County Transmissions have you covered, with regularly scheduled rear differential service.

The rear differential oil lubricates the ring and pinion gears that transfer power from the driveshaft to the wheel axles. If a vehicle is fitted with a limited-slip differential, it also keeps all the moving parts in that assembly healthy. Changing the rear differentials oil on a regular basis is just as important as changing the engine oil, and for the same reason. Metal-to-metal contact wears down surfaces and creates heat from friction, which ultimately weakens the gears and leads to failure.

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